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Although vertigo is a common problem, there is a lack of awareness about it. Dizziness can occur for a number of reasons. It is important to find the exact cause of the dizziness. Coordination between several body systems such as brain, eyes, ears and musculoskeletal systems ensures proper balance of our body. When something goes wrong, one may get a feeling of dizziness, fainting or spinning. So, it is necessary to find out the exact cause of Vertigo. Correct diagnosis of the system involved helps in targeted treatment. The VNG machine can determine the exact cause and determine the direction of further treatment.


Many people experience these symptoms because of ear problems. Apart from this many people feel dizzy while bending down, sitting up, changing the side while sleeping. This is called as Positional Vertigo. Repositioning exercises are advised in such cases.


Normally diagnosis of Vertigo involves clinical examination which includes specific tests for evaluation of dizzi patients. Furthermore, certain diagnostic tests like MRI, Video nystagmography, ocular -motor testing may be required.


Treatment options depend on the system involved and may include medical treatment, repositioning manoeuvres, vestibular rehabilitation exercises, eye treatment and others depending on the root cause. Joshi Hospital is equipped with all modern facilities under one roof.