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Dr Shivadeo Bapat founded the Urology department at Ratna memorial hospital in 1991.

He trained in Urology from England after completing his post-graduation in General surgery from BJ MEDICAL COLLEGE and SASSOON GENERAL HOSPITAL.

He was first urologist in Idia to start PCNLs in India in 1986. Before these only open operations were being performed for kidney stones with much higher morbidity. ( Pain, longer hospital stay, Higher complication rate etc.).He had patent in Janvi Urethotome for Operations for stricture Urethra. Ratna Memorial Hospital had the first 100 Watt Holmium laser in Maharashtra. He was the President of the Urological society of India in 1992-94. He received many accolades including the B.C Roy award.

A doyen of Urology in India and worldwide who catapulted the dept at Ratna Memorial Hospital to Glory.

The Urology department of MMFHA Ratna Memorial Hospital department is a state of theart Urology department dealing with all kinds of Urology surgeries dealing with urinary bladder, kidneys, urethra in females and males, ureters, and prostate glands. Urology is also known as genitoutring surgery which is a branch of medicine that mainly focuses on medical and surgical diseases of the female and male urinary track system and the reproductive organs of males. All kinds of modern equipment and machinery that is required for Urological surgeries are available in Ratna Memorial Hospital and all expert Uro-surgeons work in Ratna Memorial Hospital’s Urology department.

Following equipment’s are available in Ratna Memorial Hospital
1. All routine Endoscopies
2. Retrograde Intrarenal Surgeries (RIRS) for kidney stone
3. Ultra mini PERC, Mini PERC and PCNL for all kinds of kidney stones
4. Thulium LASER- which is the best LASER available for prostate operations and bladder cancer.
5. Thulium Fiber LASER (TFL) for stone surgeries
6. 3 D Laparoscopy Instruments and strong system for all kinds of Laparoscopic surgeries
7. Holmium LASER for all kinds of stones

Following operations are routinely performed in Ratna Memorial Hospital

1. Nephrectomy
2. Cystectomy
3. Urinary diversion
4. Pyeloplasty
5. Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP)
6. Suprapubic cystostomy
7. Thulium LASER Enucleation of prostate
8. Nephrostomy
9. Mitrofanoff procedure
10. Vasovasostomy
11. Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL)
12. Ultramini PERC, Mini PERC
13. Female Urological operation
14. Endoscopic surgeries for bladder stone
15. Ureterornoscope (URS)
16. RIRS
17. Nephropexy
18. Urethroplasty
19. ESWL

Dr Milind Bapat(Urologist)
Dr Milind Bapat
Dr Sandip Chakrabarty( Urologist )
Dr. Sandeep Chakravarty
Dr. Choudhari hiralal-urology
Dr. Hiralal Choudhari
Dr. Abhijit Gokhale
Dr. Abhijit Gokhale
Dr. Anand joshi-Director & Urology
Dr. Anand Joshi
Dr. B. D. Kashyapi
Dr. Suraj lunavat- urologist
Dr. Suraj Lunavat
Dr Naresh Rao(Urologist)
Dr Naresh Rao
Dr. Devendu Shah
Dr. Devendu Shah
Dr. Yogesh Sovani
Dr. Yogesh Sovani
Dr Amol Talulikar(Urologist)
Dr. Amol Talaulikar
Dr. Ketan Vartak
Dr. Ketan Vartak
Dr. Shirish Yande​

Urodynamics Department of Ratna Memorial Hospital, Pune

The department of Urodynamics was established at the Ratna Memorial Hospital in October 1998. We had a modest beginning by performing 30 cases every month. This grew progressively to today’s number of about 120 cases in a month.

We are currently using third generation state of art Urodynamics equipment from MMS, complete with pressure flow studies, urethral pressure profile and video Urodynamics facility. We have so far performed over 22,000 Urodynamic investigations in the past 24 years and cater for the entire state of Maharashtra as well as the adjoining arts at Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Telangana.

All investigations are performed by prior appointment and the reports are disbursed on the same day. Urodynamic Services are appropriately supported by the department of Casualty, Operation theatres and the indoor facility of Ratna Memorial Hospital. In this sense, this department now boasts to be one of the largest and the busiest Urodynamics Departments in India.

Urodynamic Department