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Department of Geriatric Medicine, is a first of its kind at Joshi Hospital, started with the aim to promote good health in the elderly at home and to improve their quality of life through preservation of function and limiting disease and disability with a holistic and multidisciplinary approach.

Geriatric Medicine (Geriatrics) is a branch of medicine concerned with diagnosis, treatment and prevention of health problems and illnesses amongst the older population. Various old age problems like falls, incontinence, memory loss, chronic disorders like diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases to name a few are addressed here.

Our core team consists of a geriatric doctor, a physiotherapist, a dietitian, who work together with other specialist doctors as required. Emphasis is to approach the aged patients with special attention as their health needs differ from the younger population so as to impart maximum sense of comfort to the caregivers and the family members.
Dr. Rama Paranjape
Dr. Vihita Kulkarni - Nivargi