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Dr Anant m. Deshpande

Dr Deshpande, along with his hard work and dedication in co-establishing Ratna Memorial Hospital, also established its Department of Anaesthesiology.
Dr Deshpande did his DA from Mumbai in 1961. Later, he went to London to get his DA degree in 1963 and subsequently secured his MD from Pune University in 1970.

He was the Hon. Professor of Anaesthesia at BJ Medical College Pune and was instrumental in conducting the ISACON in Pune in 1976 as Organising Chairman. He was the Founder President of ISA Maharashtra (2000-2006) and also the Chairman of The World Federation of Anaesthesiology twice – in Australia and in Capetown, South Africa.

Dr Deshpande was also the Chairman, Board of Studies of the University of Pune and was Professor Emeritus of The University of Pune. He was also an examiner for DNB in many states across India and on the Panel of Examiners for UPSC.

He, along with Dr S S Bapat established the MMRS and published many research papers with global companies like Pfizer etc.

Dr Deshpande established his expertise in Cardiac Anaesthesia. He was specially called to establish the Dept of Anaesthesiology in Bharti Vidyapeeth Hospital & was HOD (Anaesthesiology) there.

Dr A M Deshpande brought Liquid 0xygen first in Pune as well as many latest drugs of the time like Sevoflurane, Desflorane & Anaesthesia machines & ventilators.

A highly respected teacher, Balasaheb, as he was popularly known, is fondly remembered for his kindness humbleness and helping nature by his students spread across the world.

Anesthesia Department-

Welcome to our hospital’s Anesthesia Department, where patient care meets the expertise of skilled anesthetists dedicated to ensuring safety, comfort, and precision throughout surgical procedures and medical interventions. Our team of anesthetists plays a pivotal role in every stage of patient management, from pre-operative assessment to post-operative care. With a focus on pain management, critical care, and perioperative medicine, our department combines cutting-edge technology with compassionate care to deliver optimal outcomes for our patients. Whether it’s administering anesthesia, monitoring vital signs, or managing pain, our anesthetists are committed to providing personalized care tailored to each patient’s unique needs.

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